Certifications and other pertinent rice info for buyers

Rice storage bins at Dainty in Windsor, Ontario.

  • We are the only rice mill in Canada, and have had founding family involvement since 1882. The facility has been located in Windsor, Ontario since 1967, and are a proud Windsor employer for over 50 years now. Dainty sells rice and rice flour to companies, large and small, all over North America, we thank our loyal customers.

    The Dainty difference ? All we do is RICE, so sourcing top quality rice is a given but the extra due diligence comes from the fact that all the rice passes through our mill cleaning equipment, ensuring food safety in that quality. We have built our record of loyalty and service over many years, and are proud to continue to bring our rice expertise to the North American market.

  • Dainty Foods production facility is SQF certified, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme that is an internationally recognized food safety control system.
    SQF (Safe Quality Food) is a rigorous food safety management certification used to control food safety risks for which Dainty is audited annually.
    SQF website

  • Dainty operates a certified gluten-free manufacturing facility, GLUTEN FREE certified under the Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP) which is endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association.

  • Les Aliments Dainty Foods Inc. products are certified kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR). About KOSHER

  • Pro-Cert Canada is the body which certifies Dainty products as Organic, an internationally recognized program. Pro-Cert Organic certification

  • C-TPAT

    The company is C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) compliant and certified, working with the US Customs and Border Protection to ensure a secure cross border supply chain.

  • Dainty products are certified Non-GMO Project Verified through Food Chain ID. NON-GMO


    Dainty offers a wide range of packaging options for customers with different needs :
    RETAIL – Block bottom bags (BBB), Stand-up resealable bags (SURB), carton box format, pillow pack and cans
    FOOD SERVICE – Large poly bags or box cartons (Branded & Private label)
    INDUSTRIAL – Large bags, Totes, bulk truckload or bulk railcar




    Dainty supplies many retailers with private label packaging, many options available, contact us.

    Private Label 1
    Private Label 2


    The Windsor facility contains a roller flour mill, providing a high level of flexibility for custom orders, custom blends and granulations. Lo-micro flour and Organic flours are available.

    Flour Folder page 1

    Flour Folder page 2

    Lo-Micro Flour

    Organic Flour page 1

    Organic Flour page 2


    Dainty has an in-house Quality Assurance team composed of scientifically qualified individuals. The team and lab pro-actively ensure all food safety and quality standards and certifications are met to the highest industry standards of excellence. Consistent internal management, and third party audits, ensure the Dainty facility output to be of the highest quality.

  • R & D

    R&D is undertaken jointly by New Product Development and the Quality Assurance team. We constantly strive to be innovative and find ecologically passive solutions for sourcing new products and offering new packaging.

  • Time-Wise Rice

    Dainty has a unique European process called Time-Wise TM, for parboiled rice. The process reduces the cooking time of: white parboiled rice from 25 to 10 minutes, and brown parboiled rice from 45 to 15 minutes. There is no change to quality, taste, texture or steam table endurance.

    Processors and Food Service operators benefit from time and energy savings.

  • Industries using rice & rice flour as an ingredient

    Dainty supplies rice and rice flour to a large variety of manufacturers such as; breweries, bakers, pasta makers, snack food manufacturers (bars, chips), cereal manufacturers, coating/batter suppliers, baby food manufacturers, pet food producers and many more.

    Additionally the natural starch in rice makes it a natural thickener, whole or as a flour, it can be used for soups, sauces or protein extender for instance. The fine, light characteristics of rice flour make a superb batter ingredient, and these qualities also create a wonderful crisp quality to fried batters and coatings.

    Rice and rice flour are incredibly versatile. They are non-allergenic, gluten-free, relatively odorless and tasteless – they are perfect for use in an enormous array of products.

  • What is the Dainty difference?

    The Dainty treatment – All we do is rice, we have 137 years of experience, so sourcing top quality rice is a given. The extra due diligence comes from the fact that every grain of rice we sell passes through our mill cleaning equipment, ensuring food safety in our quality offering. We have earned our customer loyalty, service record and we are proud of it.


    Dainty offers Instant rice and Instant rice flour as part of its range of products. It can be purchased in Bulk for industrial users, for Food Service, Retail and private label packaging.

    INSTANT rice

  • Bulk Totes & Full Truck Load - Pricing

    All bulk totes and full truck loads of, rice and rice flour, are priced on a per metric ton (M/T) basis.

The dainty expertise

Sourcing top quality rice since 1882

Dainty’s business is rice, only rice, for over 135 years. We import, clean and mill rice with a great depth of experience and rice knowledge. We provide CONSUMERS with a wide range of Dainty brand packaged dry rices and an iconic cooked rice product. Dainty also serves many other food industry companies through RETAIL, FOOD SERVICE and INDUSTRIAL formats of rice and rice flour in bags up to bulk truckloads. We are your proudly Canadian rice company.

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