Dainty Short

Dainty Short is a Dainty heritage product name for the ideal rice for your puddings, soups, cabbage rolls and even sushi. It produces heartwarmingly delicious, and slightly sticky tender grains! It’s a favourite especially out East.

Available in 900g.

15 cooking-time-15-min


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice: 2 Water

Grain type

Medium grain rice.

Ideal for

Puddings, soups and cabbage rolls, even sushi.


Sweet & starchy.


Creamy & delicious.


Creamy & sticky.


This medium grain rice originates from the Southern US rice-producing states.

What is it?

Dainty Short is our medium grain, US grown, milled rice.

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

High 70's (high)

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